Tracer Study of the Graduate Teacher Education Programs


  • Lilian Balbon Southern Leyte State University Author
  • Delia Beronio Southern Leyte State University Author
  • Joseph Añavesa Southern Leyte State University Author
  • Melbert O.Hungo Southern Leyte State University Author



Curricular revision, Graduate teacher education, Policy redirection, Professional and personal competence, Tracer study


This research aimed to comprehensively understand postgraduate programs’ knowledge, skills, contribution, and relevance. It also sought valuable insights for program enhancement. Employing a descriptive study approach, both qualitative and quantitative data were investigated. Quantitative data was analyzed through arithmetic means, while thematic analysis was employed for qualitative data assessment. Thirty-one Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.) and Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) participants meeting specific criteria were selected using purposive sampling. Data collection followed a systematic process with ethical considerations at the forefront. Findings revealed that participants highly rated satisfaction, program contribution, and relevance to their teaching education. Recommendations included enhancing school site accessibility, offering flexible learning methods, improving document processing efficiency, involving students in research, expanding graduate courses, bolstering internet connectivity, and strengthening student-teacher relationships. The graduate curriculum significantly contributed to personal and professional growth, enabling competency in current roles. Consequently, the study suggests adapting graduate programs based on benchmarked best practices from state universities to fortify the graduate education program.