Users’ Perception of the Effectiveness of TOCCA Online Polling System


  • Rona Mira B. Lucañas Southern Leyte State University Author
  • Rhoderick D. Malangsa Southern Leyte State University Author



Descriptive research, IBM SPSS Statistics, Perception, Polling system, Survey research


The goal of this research is to assess users’ perceptions of the Tatak Ormoc Consumer’s Choice Awards Online Polling System. In March 2023, a descriptive research design collected quantitative data from 125 purposive samples of Tatak Ormoc Consumer’s Choice Awards online polling users using a questionnaire. Demographic characteristics, including age, address, and occupation, were considered alongside users’ perceptions. Likert scaling served as a psychometric tool, with ratings from 1 to 5 for system effectiveness, Tatak Ormoc Consumer’s Choice Awards user satisfaction, and overall quality. Descriptive statistics indicate that respondents are predominantly aged 21 to 25, residents of Ormoc City, and students. Users generally provided positive feedback about the system, reported minimal confusion, and received confirmation messages for their votes. The median rating and quartile variation suggest inconsistent responses regarding the perceived effectiveness, satisfaction, and establishment of Tatak Ormoc Consumer’s Choice Awards. The Kruskall-Wallis test reveals that this study has gathered sufficient evidence to conclude that individuals of all ages, addresses, and occupations share similar perceptions of the system’s effectiveness, satisfaction, and excellence.